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1What is the Problem - Overused Ambulances?

Throughout the United States, ambulances are overburdened. The CDC now reports a yearly average of over 40 ambulance dispatches per 100 people. Emergency rooms are operating at over 100% capacity. The ability for first responders to provide care for those most in need is becoming increasingly difficult. In a profession where mere seconds can determine mortality, an innovative technology solution is needed to support first line responders. RespondEye is a telehealth platform that allows for responders/ems to connect to hospitals/doctors. The platform works by allowing remote physicians to interface with first responders at the scene treating the victim. Through the smart glasses’ lenses, doctors can give input on how best to treat victims before and after they arrive at the hospital in a live HIPAA compliant "see-what-I-see" platform enabling the first responder to be hands-free. Once on scene, first responders using ThirdEye’s augmented reality glasses begin live-streaming video through our smart glasses to remote physicians, who can provide directional guidance. Doctors are able to overly critical patient data into the glasses’ lens, as well as “augment” what the first responder sees by highlighting critical areas the first responder should attend to. ThirdEye’s solution of augmented reality glasses and Telehealth can afford up to a 40% absolute reduction in unnecessary emergency room transports. This reduction allows increased ambulance availability, which allows more patients to be seen, while our glasses increase the quality of patient throughout the lifecycle of their experience. Video: LInk Increase revenue generation: majority of revenue comes from in-patient stay. out-patient stay. 10x for in-patient. prevents unneeded expense of resources. ambulances can get back ~54% faster per studies like the Ethan project. So hospitals are saving money through increased efficiencies.

2 What device platforms does RespondEye run on?

Respond Eye works on all major hardware and software platforms (hardware: PC, MAC, android/ios tablets, android ios/phones, thirdeye x2 smart glasses, chrome; Software: Android 9.0, iOS).

3What does RespondEye cost? Free and priced options? Leasing option for operational expense?
Refer to the pricing/sign up page. All pricing options include dedicated customer support and business development rep - signups will automatically receive their reps via email. glasses, tablet, phone, hotspot & accessory individual pricing is on accessories page of thirdeyegen .
  1. RespondEye web doesnt work on http only https.
  2. Doctor web, tablet, phone just not smart glasses. paramedic glasses, phones, tablets.
  3. Only simultaneous login per user. different email for everyone.
  4. Each hospital gets their own subdomain for RespondEye.
4 Can we bill directly to our at&t first net account?

We are currently in discussions with the First Net team about being able to bill RespondEye directly on AT&T paper but currently that is not available. ThirdEye has to bill customers directly for our solutions.

5 Who is RespondEye being used by?

RespondEye is currently being used my a major hospital chain and associated EMS and was developed in close collaboration with frontline EMS

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6 If we want new features for RespondEye who do we contact?

Contact our sales team at and we will follow up with you to get your input!

7 How are new features added to RespondEye?

New features are added based on discussing critical features or feedback from frontline ems. New features are customizable and can be activated or deactivated. Anytime a new feature is sent out, all emails will get a notification and instructions as well as an in-app tutorial showing the new functionality.

8 Who can I contact for support instructional help?

Our support team is available 24/7- just contact . For more in-depth on-site or dedicated support, thirdeye offers support packages as well- check out our accessories section on website. Instructional videos are also available on our youtube page @thirdeyegen

9 Where is hosted?

RespondEye is hosted on AWS.

10 Can I export my data?

You can export most of your data at any time. Your data belongs to you. Please contact for more instructions.